Australia wide. We use a number of courier services that deliver around the country. We also use Australia Post Services when required. Freight/Delivery charges can apply with each order.


Set-up Charges 

These charges are normally a one-off fee and can vary from job to job.

This can apply to embroidery, printing or other decorating services. Often, depending on the order we waiver the fee.



All designs whether embroidery, graphic, printing, etc, remain the property of XLR8 Promotions unless otherwise arranged. Normally if design fees are paid then the design will be forwarded to the client . If designs are created but no fee is charged then the design remains the property of XLR8 Promotions.



Samples can be arranged and delivered. The full price of each sample may be charged as well as freight from each supplier.



Pricing does vary from job to job. We believe it is not wise to have standard pricing across the board as each job has it’s own unique look and qualities which we have to consider during production.

Quantities and type of decoration play a big part in pricing which differs with each job.


Call us to discuss your order and arrange an accurate quote.